Sacred Honor Legion 

As you have probably realized by now, Sacred Honor Arms is a patriotic company that believes strongly in God and in the American Way.

You know, mom and dad, apple pie, honor and integrity, bacon, standing up for what is right, fried chicken, the Bible- all the things that our country was built on. We try to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We want, for instance, to provide our customers with the same rifle we keep by OUR bed at night. We make no compromises in quality and hope to deliver a rifle you’re proud to pass on to future generations. In short, we want to live up to your trust in our product. We humbly believe we will.  

That being said, we can’t expect to keep making quality rifles without constantly attracting new customers!

Now there are all sorts of ways to get customers today, TV commercials, magazine ads and articles, YouTube channels, Facebook, etc, but all that costs money. Money that we believe can be spent more wisely, productively and in a way that honors our company vision: Through the Sacred Honor Legion. 

What is the Sacred Honor Legion?

Glad you asked! When you buy one of our rifles, you automatically become a member of the Sacred Honor Legion. Our legion of happy customers!

To explain it simply, we want to enlist the help of those folks who believed in us enough to buy our rifles in the first place. As most everyone knows, the best advertising to be had for love or money is when a happy customer tells someone else how great a product is; personal testimonial. While we already enjoy a great deal of this enthusiasm for Sacred Honor Arms, we wanted to add an incentive and here it is: every time a new customer buys a rifle directly from us because you sent them, we will give you $100. Not a typo. If you get 10 people to purchase one, you get $1000. If you get 20 people, $2000 and so on. We would much rather spend our advertising budget on you than big media!

We will include in your delivery documents a special card with a unique code on it. Your code. It will go into our database and all that is necessary for you to get your benefit is the customer you send to us must give us your code, it’s that simple. We will send your money automatically!

Finally, we’d like to invite you to join the Sacred Honor Legion today by purchasing one of the best rifles in the world! Help us spread the word about the best parts of the USA, freedom of speech, of religion, to keep and bear arms, all of our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! And we humbly ask, help us spread the word about Sacred Honor Arms.